Dr Ross Honeywill is an internationally published author and social scientist.

Wasted is his second work of literary non-fiction. His first was Lamarck’s Evolution: two centuries of genius and jealousy (Pier 9 [Murdoch Books], August 2008). (

Ross is executive director of the Centre for Social Economics. He is co-author of the sell-out business book, I-Cons published in Australia by Random House (September 2001) and translated into Chinese for publication in Mainland China (August 2004). His second business book, NEO Power (Scribe Publications, October 2006) achieved wide critical acclaim in Australia and New Zealand and has been sold internationally.

Through his leadership role at KPMG (Asia Pacific) between 1997 and 2001, Ross became an internationally recognised authority on lifestyle and consumer behaviour and the impact of the New Economic Order or NEOs on the economies of western nations.

Ross is currently a doctoral candidate in the Philosophy School of the University of Tasmania.

He lives in Melbourne with installation artist, writer and curator Dr Greer Honeywill.